Tuesday, August 5, 2014

biss2014: Quality control of high throughput sequencing data

Yesterday I returned to Berlin from Saint Petersburg, where I took part in the work of BioInformatics Summer School 2014.

I suppose this is a biggest event of its kind in Russia. The school was arranged by Bionformatics Institute with intense support from Algorithmic Biology Lab of St. Petersburg Academic University. If you haven't heard about this lab - these are the guys who published Spades assembler and created Rosalind.

The school gathered 100 Russian-speaking students from a number of countries: 50 biologists and 50 computer scientists. The list of tutors included distinguished scientists and representatives of biotech industry. Several promising PhD students in the area of bioinformatics also made their teaching contribution :) For example, I participated as a tutor and was giving one talk and two practical workshops. For me it was already second time I participated in the work of the school and again it was an awesome experience!

The official language of the school was Russian, however I prepared all supporting materials including presentations and tutorial notes in English. In very close future I am going to wrap-up and publish the teaching materials I created for the school.

Today I will start with the slides of my talk: "Quality control of high throughput sequencing data"

The talk describes common erros and biases specific to HTS data; how to detect those biases and how to eliminate their impact on the analysis.

Slides for the talk in PDF format can be found here.

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